“We’re not trying to reinvent the world, we just want to make it easier to find your way around it”

Gary Jacobs, Founder

Spinning Globe is a travel search engine created to inspire travellers and help them discover new travel experiences whilst taking the frustration out of endless searching across the Internet.

We’re not a travel review website, we don’t recommend hotels and we don’t sell holidays. Our dream is to help you find inspiration, new places to explore and connect you with travel experts; this is what makes our world spin.

Our aim is to put the globe at your fingertips and to (eventually) encompass every country, region and city; from popular places and things to do to discovering hidden gems and travelling off the beaten track.

It’s a mighty challenge, and work in progress, but it’s also very exciting. Spinning Globe’s travel loving team, and trusted contacts, will pave the way for users to plan their trips, and discover the world, as we share our researched adventures and own unique ‘spin’ on the planet.

Our plan is to continually develop the website, not just with content but with new features and tools that will help you to discover, explore, plan and buy the most fulfilling holidays possible. From news to travel features, travel lists and readymade trip ideas, we aim to bring users fresh, unbiased information with the help of trusted sources, professional travel writers and bloggers too.

Ultimately, we will populate Spinning Globe with User Generated Content and we look forward to opening our doors to holidaymakers, the world over, to upload and share their personal travel experiences and advice. We want to build a community, where likeminded travellers can share their favourite places and happiest travel moments for others to benefit from.

If there is anything else you’d like to know about Spinning Globe please do get in touch: hello@spinningglobe.com